Jeff Tritel Sculpture limited edition figurative bronze sculpture

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Limited edition bronze sculpture

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Limited edition figurative bronze sculpture

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Field of Infinite Possibilities by Jeff Tritel

Jeff Tritel

      Born in 1949 in Los Angeles, Jeff Tritel did not embark upon his lifelong passion - sculpting - until the age of eighteen.  At the time he was enrolled in college, majoring in mathematics.   His artist roommate was involved in the process of copying a masterpiece as an assignment.  Jeff's response was, "Can't you do something original?"   As an argument ensued, his roommate finally said, "If you think it is so easy, do it yourself!"  Jeff immediately went to the art supply store, bought a large quantity of clay and began work on a self-portrait.  He was hooked, changing his major to art and graduating in 1976 from the University of California with a BA in fine art and a BFA in sculpture

     Over the years, Tritel has challenged himself with most mediums.   He has sculpted in wax as a first step to the lost-wax method of bronze casting and he has fabricated monumental mixed media pieces incorporating contrasts as diverse as fur and fiberglass and bronze screen and pearlescent lacquers.  His work mainly reflects a figurative medium and he routinely draws from fantasy, mythology, psychology and music for his inspiration.

     The painstaking precision and thought which go into each sculpture has earned him numerous awards as well as extensive media coverage.  His work has been featured on PBS TV and in gallery and museum shows around the country. He has been called on as an authority on creativity and originality in several legal cases.

"I sculpt my feelings and experiences.  I sculpt the human condition," he says.   "Even though we are all unique individuals, I find there are many common threads that connect us.  I find that many people are able to relate very strongly to these sculptural expressions."

     "I start with an intellectual premise.  By incorporating personal sculptural symbolism, I will reach the essence of the subject." Tritel adds, "Rather than sculpting the musician, I sculpt the music.   Instead of the unicorn, I sculpt the magic."

        For more information on Mr. Tritel, his current sculpture, commissioning sculpture or visiting his Northern California studio, gallery and sculpture garden, please contact Bonnie Tritel at 530.575.0967, email at or visit   

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